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At W&T, we have some good news to share. One of our colleagues is newly pregnant and will be due in July! Of course, we are all overwhelmed with happiness as many of us are witness to her transformation from doe-eyed girl to blushing bride and now mother-to-be.

Hers is a classic love story that many would be envious of. Girl meets boy in school, they fell in love, dated for nine years before marriage and now into their tenth year, the fruit of their love will be joining them soon.

On the surface, they look like the perfect loving couple, completely at ease with each other and never a harsh word in public. At home, the husband takes care of most of the household chores so that the wife has more time to rest.

But just like any ‘perfect’ couple, they have their moments of disagreements too and they don’t always see eye to eye on every subject. But isn’t this what love is about? That no matter how in love you are, you are still entitled to your own opinions and instead of suffering in silence, you voice them out and agree to disagree or work things out?

In this issue, nine couples share their story of how they met and fell in love and how they celebrated the biggest day of their lives.

Love comes in all shapes and sizes and most of the time, it’s not love at first sight. Although we do hear a lot from guys how they knew at first glance that the woman before them is the one they want to get married to!

As you leaf through the pages, we hope they will remind you of your own butterflies in the stomach encounter and be inspired to create a wedding theme to call your own.

A lot of things go into play when creating that dream reception. First things first of course would be the ultimate wedding dress, which you would have no trouble picking out from the many gorgeous dresses featured here.

There’s also a celebrity wedding cake maestro who is sharing some of her most beautiful and unique creations over a major cake section. Along the way, you will probably pick up ideas and tips from other features such as the one on “The Unusual Suspects” where real people get involved in the wedding business not for profit but for the sole passion of it.

Since we know you’ll be fantasizing about the all important honeymoon, we have chosen more than 10 destinations from four countries to feature in the travel section so that you will have something to dream about and look forward to which will complete your wedding.

With Love,
W&T Editorial Team



《婚礼与旅游》杂志是本机构独资出版的英文旗舰刊物,每年3期,自 1986年创刊至今已26年,每期约300页丰富内容,图片精彩,为具有国际水平的权威刊物。 多年来与本地婚妙、摄影、婚宴场地、婚礼相关服务及世界各地 旅游局、豪华度假别墅,都建立了紧密的连系和合作关系。查询更多详情,请游览



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