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You’ve probably seen countless wedding movies and heard plenty of stories from friends about the things that can happen leading up to the big day. So, is it inevitable that you will have to go through the same trials and tribulations for your wedding? While we can’t give you the answer to that, we can certainly share with you the experiences undergone by other couples so that you might have a better idea of how to deal with things when the time comes.

One thing we do know for sure has to do with meeting expectations. Be it your own or what you think others expect of you, a good approach to this is to be flexible and realistic. As summarised by one of the brides in our Real Weddings section, “Plan your wedding with honesty. Try to think of what you really want, not how you can impress the people who come to your wedding. Be modest, and try to create comfort for all those who will attend the wedding.”

The good thing is, a wedding entails many aspects and one of the best and most fun parts is taking the pre-wedding photos. Even those who are normally camera shy or claim to ‘hate’ having their photos taken usually end up having a great time. More than making pretty poses, the whole photo experience is about bonding with your partner and doing things you normally don’t do, such as visiting exotic locales while dressed in a gorgeous gown. Over the past few years, the overseas pre-wedding photography trend has really picked up. At W&T, we always endeavour to bring you new and exciting destinations. In the previous issue, we went west with European city Riga. This time, we are going closer to home with Shanghai, one of the most beautiful Chinese cities which is absolutely unique with its old and new world charms.

Embark with us on a journey to discover the city’s modern beauties including the Oriental Pearl Tower and the futuristic Shanghai World Expo China Pavilion. And right after that, we’ll visit picturesque Zhujiajiao, a historical water town with numerous stone bridges and rivers located just 45 minutes away from the city centre.

To make your wedding even more perfect, we have four inspiring themes in our Theme Weddings section covering various locations: a hotel, a beach resort, a restaurant and a home! Fans of the romantic Twilight series will be happy to know that we have a Twilight- inspired theme just for you!

Before we leave you to enjoy the contents of this issue, just remember that the road to marital bliss is not always smooth sailing. But as long as you have faith in your partner and take the effort to communicate, you are already on the path to success!

With Love,
W&T Editorial Team




《婚礼与旅游》杂志是本机构独资出版的英文旗舰刊物,每年3期,自 1986年创刊至今已26年,每期约300页丰富内容,图片精彩,为具有国际水平的权威刊物。 多年来与本地婚妙、摄影、婚宴场地、婚礼相关服务及世界各地 旅游局、豪华度假别墅,都建立了紧密的连系和合作关系。查询更多详情,请游览



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