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Communication is our business, and doing it well is what we take pride in. Over the past two decades, we have built a diverse portfolio which enables us to draw knowledge and experience from different fields and apply them in every new project.

Our Services

We are a fully accredited advertising agency which provides both publishing and design services. We are also a full media production house for many years now, with professionals (e.g. camera crew members, producers, journalists and writers) who are both experienced and bilingual to produce audio and video programmes for radio and television as well as the new media. At the pre-production stage, we provide services from scripting and research to interviews and recording. They also include liaising with interviewees and venue owners, conceptualising, planning, sourcing for interview subjects, directing and location set up. And our full range of post-production service includes editing, voice over, mixing, subtitling, transcripting and translation services.

Our Directors

» Orion Chou Chong De 周崇德
» Ang Mui Keng 洪美卿


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