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» 全民防卫宣传运动主题曲 MTV 制作

Full House returns to music video production by co-producing with Kit Chan, Home, the music video and theme song for the 2011 Total Defence campaign. It was launched by Deputy Prime Minister and Defence Minister Teo Chee Hean in February. This is yet another collaboration the company had with the Defence Ministry since our production of the National Day music video, There's No Place I'd Rather Be, in 2007. Home is a four-minute production featuring 39 of Singapore's top singers from the 60s to the present. They inlcude Ramli Sarip, Max Surin, Maggie Teng, Dick Lee, Stephanie Sun, JJ Lin, Tanya Chua, A Do, Joi Chua,Olivia Ong and Singapore Idols Taukic and hardy. The music video is being aired on national television during the campaign. It can also be seen and heard on Besides liaising with the singers, Full House was responsible for the MV's direction, filming, vocal recording and music arrangement.


富豪仕的团队中包括目前乐坛炙手可热的2大音乐人吴庆隆和Dr. Sydney Tan分别担任编曲、音乐制作及声乐总监。导演为富豪仕台湾籍导演周崇德和来自香港的首席摄影师徐仁志,联合本地摄制队伍共同创作。




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